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Mortgages with a bad credit history

The UK Mortgage Site specialises in bad credit mortgages and remortgages for people with an adverse credit history. All advisors are fully qualified and search the whole mortgage marketplace (over 8500 different schemes) with an independent and unbiased view to find the best mortgage deal whatever your credit history.


Your advisor won’t automatically go straight to the usual sub prime lenders that have higher interest rates. They first look to the high street lenders to find you the best deal and, if necessary, then to the sub prime lenders who consider a wider variety of cases and specialise in the bad credit mortgage market.


Your advisor isn’t tied to any specific lender or panel of lenders, and will always consider your mortgage deal priority over any revenue in order to maintain an excellent long-term customer relationship.


Our online mortgage enquiry forms carry no obligation and should you wish to cancel your application at any stage, there are no penalties and no costs due. If you would like a bad credit mortgage quote please use one of our online enquiry forms and we will respond within 24 hours with details of the best mortgage for your circumstances.



CCJ’s, defaults or arrears? We’re here to help.

Having a bad credit history could mean that you have experienced county court judgments, defaults, mortgage arrears or even bankruptcy in the past. Or it could just be that you have made a minor mistake, such as a late payment that you did not even realise was significant. Fortunately it’s still likely that you could qualify for a mortgage whether it is through a high street lender or sub prime lender.


A bad credit mortgage is no different to a standard mortgage, but is only intended for people with a bad credit history. Sometimes referred to as a sub prime or non-status mortgage, a bad credit mortgage is designed to help people get on the property ladder if they have made mistakes in the past such as late mortgage payments.



No mortgage brokers fees

People often think they will have to pay a mortgage brokers fee for arranging their home loan. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Be very wary of firms that claim to be able to get a mortgage in ‘problem cases’ by paying them fees of 1% or 2% of the amount you borrow.


Your advisor has access to all UK mortgage lenders; high street banks and building societies who lend to most applicants, specialist buy to let lenders, lending companies who deal with ‘Self Cert’ business and those that cater for people with a bad credit history.



How to receive your free mortgage illustration

Experienced, qualified advisors who arrange the best mortgages available handle all enquiries. They have access to every UK mortgage lender and will only approach the lenders who can offer you the best deal, saving you time and money.


To receive your free mortgage illustration, you just need to enter some basic information into one of our online enquiry forms.




Either way there’s no obligation, no credit checks will be performed without your consent and there are no brokers fees to pay. Your advisor will reply within 24 hours with illustrations of the best mortgages available from the whole marketplace.


Or if you prefer, you can call a fully trained mortgage advisor on 0845 490 0419. It will only take a few minutes of your time today but could save you thousands of pounds in interest payments and will eliminate any worries you may have about getting the best deal possible.



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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or any other debt secured on it. Please make sure you can afford the repayments before entering into an agreement.

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